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Oops, forgot to mention this earlier. Although Brian was traditionalist he would not want everybody turning up in black ties. Please wear something that reminds you of Brian, and I will pass on apologies for those that turn up in either yellow oilskins, wetsuits or shorts to the Vicar.

Thanks Stewart
General National 12 chat / Brian Miatt
21 Dec 2019, 02:23
It is with regret I have to announce that Brian Miatt died on 13th December. Brian was an active 12 sailor from the 1950s up until the early 2000s when time and his replacement hips made it difficult to sail.
Brian's sons still sail, with Stewart and Peter owning 12s, but Graham has defected to sailing land yachts,
Brian was Class Chairman in the late 1970s and saw the change to the double curvature rule that paved the way for the shape of the boats we sail today.
Brian's funeral will be held on 13th January at 1.00pm at St Alkmund's Church in Duffield, with a family burial afterwards. There will be a wake held at the Darley Abbey Wine Bar, and anyone wishing to attend please pass your details to Peter at
Boats / Re: N2266 Triarda
13 Oct 2019, 09:31
Bit of synchronisity here as Triada was once owned by the late Howard Elcock. I first knew Howard when he sailed at at Naburn and he sailed Triad.  He was then a lecturer at Hull University prior to selling Triada and I and later moving up to Newcastle and sailing at Tynemouth. Small world eh?
Boats / Re: N1066 Just William
05 Jul 2018, 07:21
General National 12 chat / Re: Shrouds
01 Apr 2018, 02:40
If it is any use my father had a Needles par back in the day on his Whisper and being the engineer he is did not like the aluminium pin that was driven through the mast to hold the shrouds. He replaced that with a stainless steel bolt to which he attached plates not unlike a bit of Mecanno and from these hung the shrouds.
Sad to hear this news as I was just wondering what Howard was up to. I sailed against him at Naburn prior to him leaving Hull and moving to Newcastle. Always a staunch supporter of the Labour Party which tipped over in to the colour of a couple of his cars as well as the Paper Dart that he owned which were all red.
I remember having a debate over a (couple) of beers about the removal of Clause 4 from the Labour Party constitution when Tony Blair was elected, but when it came to Howard and beer I am afraid to say I cannot remember the outcome of the debate.
Sadly missed.
Some great pictures in there as well as some younger looking Twelve sailors if you look carefully
Boats / Re: N3038 Man Friday
28 Jul 2015, 11:03
If memory serves me well Man Friday was built for Clive by Rowsells, an immaculate looking boat. Would love to know where she is now
Could have been a young Christopher Columbus trying to find his way to the Americas
From memory as a follow up to what John previously posted the aluminium rod that holds the ends of the shroudis can be removed and replaced with a stainless steel bolt. This will then allow you to replace the shrouds at will in case of any other terrible emergencies
Another point to remember with the vintage boats as Mike mentioned previously is the fact you can do more "head out of the boat sailing" which keep the small person happy as they will not have to pull that piece of strinthey at they do not know what it does.
The joys of sailing on a river tend to be that in one direction it is a beat and going the other way will make it a run or a very broad reach. As everyone has mentioned, the most important thing to do is to get the water out of the boat as fast as possible. Depending on how things are going for you, one last option to look at might be sailing for the windward bank, beaching temporarily and tipping the water out of the back of the boat. Once you have got rid of the majority, push the boat back into the water and get rid of the rest using the self bailers. You will have to weigh up the time taken to park up and empty against your time slowly moving round the course getting the water out. 
The best way to solve this problem is as everyone will tell you after the event is not to plop the boat in the drink. Good luck with however you do it!!
Boats / Re: N2764 Thwarts Of Mao
15 Apr 2013, 11:53
I am pretty sure this boat was once owned by David Darling and originally sailed at Tynemouth prior to him moving south and sailing at Ripon.
I only remembered that picture of Hedley standing in the water at Ryton with all the ice in his willies, and then had to find the books to then find the picture. Nothing clever about that Howard
Maybe the Good Samaritans have been in converstion with the weather gods and decided that the Tyne will be absolutely freezing this weekend. Just look at the picture of Hedley Robinson on page 81 of Marks to Starboard to give an indication of what I mean!!
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