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Thank you both for your replies.

As it happens time in the boat is what was needed. This week in moderate conditions we managed a win in our mixed handicap fleet.

I have started using more rig tension and playing with it as the conditions change during the race.

The biggest improvement has come from marking the shroud tails so we can get both at the same tension.

Loving being back in a 12 again   ;D
Hi Duncan,

We have just done this to New Isabelle. We tried centre sheeting off the boom and then opted for a jammer on deck too. The reasoning for this was so I could help my junior crew to pull the jib in without loosing the main sheet.

We have a split tail sheet running through a 30mm block on the outboard end of the boom, then a 40mm auto ratchet mid boom and down to a old style low profile swivel jammer.

Hope this helps.
I have recently purchased N3418 New Isabella and have completed our 1st series sailing in Plymouth.
We're having a few issues as the breezy increases. 5-8 knots we are dynamite quick, anything above this pointing and boat speed are an issue.
I have tried following the N12 tuning guide but think i might be missing a trick.
I've raked the rig back further - no help
I've increased the rig tension leaving the forestay at base.
I've increased forestay tension leaving shrouds at base.
The rig always seems very straight so I tried lengthening the spreaders but cannot get it to bend enough for the mast ram to have any affect.
Any help and advise will be gratefully received.
If anyone has Baggy Trousers specific tuning numbers they would be gratefully received too.
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