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Thanks Johnk that's perfect.
Looking for a little bit of advice.
The main halyard on our Crusader is a shade too thick for the clam cleat at the bottom of the mast and it's inclined to jump out of the jaws and slip a bit.

Can anyone suggest what thickness to use - is 3mm ok or should I go 4mm?
And in particular what type of rope to buy to replace it? Had a look at the range of rope on sale on the pinbax website and now I'm completely bewildered!
Thanks for all the helpful replies. We had a good day of club racing yesterday. Gradually getting better at it and no longer think the boat is trying to get rid of me!
Looking for some tips on how to tack with the aft mainsheet. I've sailed for several years in boats with a centre mainsheet where you tack facing forwards, pushing the tiller extension across in front of you as you go. I'm struggling a bit with tacking facing out the back. Whatever I do I seem to end up in a heap on the cockpit floor, with the mainsheet wrapped round the tiller extension!! I think the extension may be a bit too long which isn't helping matters. Is there a clever way of doing it better?
Boats / Re: N3307 Ultra 12
31 Jul 2020, 09:37
Great to hear a bit of history of the boat. We've sailed it several times now and it's going really well. I picked up a new(ish) set of sails the other day, so hoping to see how they go this weekend.
Boats / Re: N3307 Ultra 12
08 May 2020, 04:41
Restoration now completed and we're ready to go. I will be sailing "Ultra 12" with my daughters. They insisted that the boat was painted lilac!
Hi Antony,

That sounds promising. Funnily enough I used to live in Tayside and sailed at Royal Tay YC for many years, but that was a while ago now. I'm down in Northumberland these days. I'll PM you my contact details through the messaging system on this forum now.


Hi all,

I've now completed the pandemic restoration project which is Crusader N3307. It's looking great and ready to go when we're finally let out. But the cover which came with it is a trailing cover with no holes for the mast or shrouds.

Does anyone have an old cover resting at the back of the garage which they would be prepared to sell? £50 waiting (or whatever other price you think would be suitable).

Boats / Re: N3307 Ultra 12
07 Apr 2020, 05:13
Actually not a whole lot to do. She's in pretty good shape before I've even started.
Boats / Re: N3307 Ultra 12
27 Mar 2020, 08:27
Social isolation sanity maintenance garage project under way 👍
Boats / Re: N3307 Ultra 12
10 Mar 2020, 10:15
N3307 has found a new home in Northumberland. She is a lovely, well-built Crusader design National 12 which hasn't been sailed for a few years. She is now in the garage for a bit of a tidy-up and a coat of paint, but the intention is to have her on the water at our home club - Derwent Reservoir SC - in the very near future. Depending how we get on we might look at coming along to some Northern / Scottish open meetings. Photos to follow...
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