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Hi everyone

N2462 Sorcerers Apprentice -  Its Old school and a few years ago I know that I asked about this boat but would still be keen to get hold of it were it to become available - if it exists in any state.
Even if it was scrapped it would put my mind at rest. Subsequently, I  owned 2544  Ogre (the  stitch and tape 4 plank version of 2462 I believe), just as that boat disintegrated before my eyes and was broken up. I  Should have listened to outside advice on that one!  Sorcerers apprentice, built better than Ogre -  where are you? Please put me of of my misery. After building my own  I simply could not regret selling 2462! My current 12 an old Paper dart  despite its obvious  positive points,  sturdy, fun, simple , easy maintenance etc etc isn't the same as rot, leaks, high maintenance. I sold 2462 early 80s to a waterskier who wanted something for when it was too windy for water-skiing!   Come on you class stalwarts - where is it?

Hello  All

Thanks for the further guidance.

I have today started

keel bands off
guides on
routed out  63mm deep  4mm approx extra slot width per side

the photos show  (hopefully)  not too much damage
A few steel screws bit the dust - which can be replaced with stainless.

Next after complete drying out will be sleeving the  slot and that should cure the ingress of water into the boat
Then I just have to sel the hog/plank joint inside the hull - which I'll probably use a dremel and let in a mahogany strip - then hopefull both sides of the leak will be fixed

Sounds easy in words -well see how it goes

I know it may not be the pure solution but as the case to hog joints are good  I am loath to remove the case if its not really necessary

thanks for all your advice.

Best Regards


Hello there

Many thanks for your reply

Your description  is quite similar to what  I was thinking of. 

Its reassuring to know that your solution worked.

I'll proceed with caution - trying to avoid too many steel screws!

Thank you

Best Regards

Hello Martin

Many thanks for the advice.

I feared the problem may need more extensive surgery as you suggest, but I was hoping to do the minimum disruptive work necessary to effect a watertight repair.
I'll see how  It goes

Thanks again


Hello All

Vintage construction help

I am trying to cure an annoying leak in my 1967 Wyche and Coppock Mk14 around the garboard/hog joint

From underneath I can see damp timber in places along the keel/hog joint
I was planning on reaming out the solid timber CB case sides/hog/keel assembly by 6mm each side to a depth of 65mm and then line the widened area with marine ply and subesequently  seal the interior plank/hog joints.

Before I do this I'd like to know how others have approached similar issues. I'm concerned  I may  come across hidden screws in the original build.

Any ideas out there?   I really do not want to have to remove the whole cb case out of the boat.


HI everyone.

Does anyone know the whereabouts of this  12.  I'm keen to know  as it was once mine

Hopefully it has survived


Boats / Re: N2982 Kamikaze Rickshaw
26 Sep 2017, 08:20
This boat was raced at Broxbourne  SC in the late seventies
subsequently raced at Christchurch SC.  The attached photo shows the boat in Christchurch harbour with the super expensive beach huts at Mudeford sandspit

If anyone knows of the boats whereabouts it would be good to know
Hi all,
Does anyone know the whereabouts (if it still exists) of N2462 Sorcerers Apprentice?
I sailed this boat many years ago until I switched to a new fangled Paper Dart.
Really would like to have another go as I recall it was an "interesting" sail. Thanks  Paul ;D
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