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Looks like a Lack of carbon. Talking to Andy Patterson of Bloodaxe foils many years age I asked how do you know how much carbon to use. Answer was a bit less each time until it breaks then a bit more next time. The pics would seem to show a lack of the black stuff where the stress was. Remember carbon only breaks, it does not give. Thats my take.
Jean- Yves is about to be building a pudding boat in France, he has the plans and is working on them at present. he needs help with a few measurements that I do not have. I have suggested he puts his questions for you to answer. 
Glad to say the Pudding is going to a good home. Dare
I have had to call time on sailing the Pudding. The boat has had little use since it was built. Now sitting in the boat park in need of a new home. It is a 4 plank Highjack with a carbon sheeved hull, so very stiff. It needs a new home so I am open to sensible offers.
Dare 01983 529901
Race won by Jo Richards from a fleet of over 1500 boats, ex National 12 sailor and designer.
If you are planning a home build I have still the frames I used to build my 4 plank Highjack 3547. If you are planning a home build you are very welcome to have use of them, you would of course have to get the designers permission and pay his royalties I also have a full set of photos showing the build.
Call Dare Barry if you are interested Tel. 01983 529901 
Hi. I would be interested to know which pudding this is. Thanks Dare
Finding crews for events and also crews wanting sails is a big problem. Rather than just putting a wanted note on the discussion board can we have a link to a page dedicated to putting helms and crews together? If it was not for Janet's kind help in finding crews for Burton helms in the past few our numbers would have been further reduced.
Thanks Dare
When I built my first Final Chapter whilst Chatting with Mike he sais the most important to keep the for and aft trim level. If you have a little extra weight on board it should not be too much of a problem, nice boats to sail.
Dare N3547
Pleased to say crew now sorted. Dare
Hi Stephen. If my memory serves my right you crewed for my father at Burton week at Whitstable. After playing snooker you got locked in our hotel and we had to drop you out of the window onto a shed roof. Good to see you are playing about with 12's again. give us a call sometime 01983 529901.
It was good to see that Gerry still follows the class. I was surprised that nobody followed up this post. I feel that time should be made at this years AGM to see where owners see the class going and to ask the Tech. Comm. to look at ways to revitalise building of new boats and get existing boats sailing. It has been suggested allowing single handed sailing in some situations. With the shortage of crews that could make sense. As to the building of new boats the class in my view needs to see how boats can be built more cheaply. At the present time to produce a new design using similar moulds to the DCB I recon you would be spending between 5k -10k for just the mould, that means a lot of costs to produce 2/3 boats. I would like the tech. boys to look into going back to 4 plank boats but using composite materials. At present there is a DCB mould and a Highjack mould, the HJ mould if not purchased in the near future will be cut up. That does not leave the class in a very strong position.
Other owners must have ideas which need to be aired at the AGM, and I would ask that time is made to discuss 'where to now'
Dare Barry     
Still hoping to come but no crew as yet, any ideas!!
N3547. 'The Ultimate Pudding' Dare Barry
Planning and hoping to join in the party. Got the boat and accommodation but as usual no crew. If anybody is available please call dare Barry. 01983 529901
Planning to bring The Ultimate Pudding out for a breath of air. As usual subject to finding a crew, any volunteers out there? 
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