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Sad News - Ken Goddard

Started by grazz, 27 May 2022, 09:37

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The Commodore of Trent Valley SC has been in touch to let us know that Ken Goddard passed away peacefully on Wednesday 25th May.  Ken was in in his mid eighties, and has been a NTOA and Trent Valley SC member for many many years. Ken was a keen vintage 12 sailor and led the vintage wing of the class for many years. During his time at the Trent Valley he held many committee posts all of which he conducted with the utmost diligence. He was reaffirmed as an honorary member at the last AGM in recognition of his service.

Ken introduced me to 12 sailing back in the mid 80s and the first open meeting I sailed was with him in N2300 at TVSC which is where I got the bug for 12 sailing. So I am personnally sad to see him pass away.


paul turner

I first met Ken in the late 1960s when my sister crewed for him at TVSC. He was always great company and put so much time and effort into supporting sailing at Trent Lock but he also worked tirelessly at promoting the vintage wing of NTOA. A very kind and thoughtful man. So many happy memories and stories of incidents, including him winning a Derwent meeting only to have the Commodore of that Club pinch his opening joke that he had been rehearsing - but he rose to the occasion! We will miss you, Ken.


I had the pleasure to meet Ken in the car park at Ferry Lane, King's Lynn during N.W. Norfolk Week in 2017.

When he learnt I was editor of 'The Latest Chapter', he insisted on having a photo with me and gave me much more credit that I deserved. We had an excellent and insightful chat and he then watched the racing that evening.

On behalf of the N12 Class, we are extremely indebted to him for all the hard work he put into the vintage section.

Thank you Graham for sharing the sad news.
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Janet and I are very sad about the news of Ken's death. We have known Ken from the late 60's.and, when Janet and I were married in the 70's, Ken lived in the village only a mile or two down the road.

On a couple of occasions I remember travelling with Ken to Midland Area Committee meetings. Also over the years we would often bump into each other in town and chat about 12 sailing and sometimes cameras!

As Ken was National Twelve Vintage rep for many years he was always updating me on the location and condition of various vintage boats.

As Certification Officer I thought I would do a list of the Twelves that Ken owned over the years, 7 boats in all.

His first boat was N718 Frolic II a 1949 Alec Stone designed and built boat. He bought it in 1960 from Weston-super-Mare (he was at that time living and sailing in Devon, he re-named the boat "Colyflower" and later brought it up to TVSC, it was sold in 1964.

In 1970 he purchased from Chippendale boats a Proctor Mark 14, N2483, called "Tackspayer ". This was sold around 1973.

In 1974 he built a 4Plank China Doll using a kit from Impact Boats. This boat N2765 was named Kitten (now, some of you will know her as Le Shed). Kitten was sold in the 1980's.

1986 saw Ken acquire N2300 a 1965 built Chippendale Proctor Mark12 originally owned by John Holttum and called "Truffle Hunter".  Ken re-named her "Duodecimal" and kept the boat as his Vintage boat for many years right up to 2014.

Next Ken owned a couple of my old boats firstly in 1989 he acquired N2911 my old 1976 Cheshire Cat "Bandobras Took" and re-named her "Cherished Cat", later sold in 1991.

He then purchased N3250 my Andrew Turner built Crusader "Elendil", which he re-named "Share Enjoyment". She moved on to a new owner in 1993.

Lastly in 1999 he owned N3024 Vanishing Smile, a Richard Lovett built Tiger originally owned by Richard Holttum which Ken re-named "Smile". She was sold to a Blithfield SC member in 2005.

Ken You will be missed.

Kevan Bloor

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