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Olton Mere open meeting

The final meeting in the HD Sail N12 Four Plank Mini Series was held at Olton Mere on Saturday 16th August following meetings at Ely 5th  July  and Trent Valley 20th July. With the best two of three results to count, there were a number of possible winners of the half price HD Sails jib, but transport duties to the Fireball Nationals for Gerald Copsey, lack of towing for Jack Knight and car failure for Chris Troth before the Trent Valley meeting meant that on the day the back of the fleet battle between Paul Turner and Susie Sallis would determine the overall series winner. The attached photo taken at Olton Mere, with the splendid HD Sails voucher is, from left to right, Kay Ash & Paul Turner (Trent Valley) and Susie Sallis and (daughter) Hannah Marman from Ely SC. You will have to wait for the Olton Mere report to find out who won (by only one point).
The series has been run in a very relaxed and fun atmosphere (and without interfering with any of the Club sailing) combined with the enthusiasm for more four plank sailing and in the knowledge that there is batch of at least four Cheshire Cats being restored and/or ready to sail we will be running the competition again next year.
Our thanks to HD sails for their sponsorship this year; hopefully we will see lots more old four plank boats dragged out of garages and garden sheds to join in this fun series

Olton Mere