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Day 1

Race 1 saw the breeze increasing to up to 20 knots with a westerly wind and sea conditions building. William Warren and Sophie Mackley having picked up a good shift on the left of the beat rounded the windward mark in first place. They were hotly pursued by Jon Ibbotson and Charlotte Stewart as well as Tom Stewart and Andrea Ralph down the planing reaches. At the end of the run on lap 2 Tom and Andrea took the lead, which they almost held on to the line. However, by missing the shortened course flag they let William and Sophie back in to take the bullet.

Jeremy Hartley and son Luke were flying down the reaches to be the first non-foiling boat and the vintage fleet were out in force with Brian Kitching and Olivia Stodieck crossing the line as first vintage boat.

Race 2 saw the oscillating shifts increase and the gusts continued to build. The added obstacle of a lobster pot at the windward mark also added extra excitement to the course! Tom and Andrea made up for their earlier mistake by leading from the windward mark and holding on to that lead for the duration of the race. Steve and Joanne Sallis also made the most of the breezy conditions taking second place with Kevin Iles and Pip Jefferis closely battling Graham Camm and Zoe Ballantyne to third place.

In the second race first non-foiler and first admirals cup boat was Matt Reid and Emily Fardell impressively sailing their Freak Out design through the waves. Brian and Olivia also continued to extend their lead over the vintage fleet coming in as first vintage boat.


Day 2

Normality seemed to have returned when Graham Camm and Zoe Ballantyne, won the first of the two races on Day 2 of Burton Week. Having led at the top mark, Graham and Zoe continued to extend their lead down the initial run and subsequent laps. Second place was tightly contested between John and Ollie Meadowcroft and previous race winners, Tom Stewart and Andrea Ralph. Ollie, aged 10, said that "The wind was great today; we could really concentrate on the race and bring out all of our tactics. I was surprised how well we did down the run and overall I really enjoyed it!"

First non-foilers were Sam Mettam and Emma Hivey coming 10th in their Numinous. In the vintage fleet Alex Pausey and Jacques Hunter stormed up the first beat only to eventually to lose out to Brian Kitching and Olivia Stodieck, who also won the vintage fleet in the second race of the day. In the Admirals Cup fleet Matt Reid and Emily Fardell put in an impressive performance in both races in their Freak Out to extend their lead in that fleet.

The South-Westerly breeze of 10-15 knots continued for race two, which saw the fleet split off. It was clear half way in to the beat that the right hand side was paying with Geoff and Amelia Camm, nearly reaching the beach for an ice-cream, but rounding the windward mark in first, with Christian and Sophie Day following in second. Christian and Sophie went right on the run and emerged in the lead at the leeward mark, followed by John and Ollie Meadowcroft. Christian and Sophie managed to hold on to the lead for the next lap but were eventually overhauled by Tom and Andrea who won the race. John and Ollie came in second, followed by Steve and Joanne Sallis. Nigel and Chris White sailing their Final Chapter design won the non-foiling fleet.


Burton cup

After stormy Monday, which saw no racing the 2014 Gul National 12 Championships 2014, concluded on Tuesday.

The Race team had three different forecasts to choose from, varying from South West 12-18 knots sunshine, to North East 0-5 knots with rain. As it turned out all forecasts had an element of accuracy. The traditional 4 laps and a beat of a triangular course with one mile legs for the Sir William Burton Cup Race were set. As the start gun went, the wind shifted right by 40 degrees and after a pause for thought the race was abandoned to be restarted. Unfortunately the wind switched off, swung northerly and a series of rain showers ensued. Two hours later the wind finally returned to its original South Westerly direction.

The race started and the rain arrived. Out of the gloom, Tom Stewart and Andrea Ralph arrived at the first mark with Steve and Joanne Sallis hot on their transom. The pair of boats duelled for two laps with Tom and Andrea covering hard to gain enough ground up wind to survive the Sallis team's superior downwind speed. On the third lap, the wind began to swing back to a more Northerly direction giving the fleet a fetch followed by a run and then a tight reach. Multiple Burton Cup winners Graham Camm and Zoe Ballantyne began to charge. They stormed down the reach climbing to third and looked like a good bet to catch the leaders.

The race team did a great job in resetting the course and despite the marks and the fleet briefly disappearing in a rain squall, they got the job done.

Tom and Andrea enjoyed the reset course and pulled out a comfortable lead, Graham and Zoe got past the Sallis team to finish an epic if not a classic Burton Cup race in that order. The leading non winged rudder boat was Nigel and Chris White who revelled in the lighter conditions. The top Admirals cup (non double floor) boat was Matt Reid and Emily Fardell who finished 11th. With the time limit reached for starting more races on the final day, the boats headed home to be greeted with free Pimms.


Overall Results Burton Week.
1st Tom Stewart and Andrea Ralph N3544
2nd Steve and Joanne Sallis N3531
3rd Graham Camm and Zoe Ballantine N3530
4th John and Ollie Meadowcroft N3543

Non winged rudder
1st Nigel and Chris White N3445
2nd Jeremy and Luke Hartley N3474

Admirals Cup
1st Matt Reid and Emily Fardell N3404
2nd Marcus and Douglas Wheel N3503

1st Brian Kitching and Olivia Stodiek 1657
2nd Alex Pausey and Jacques Hunter 1777


Burton cup full results 


Burton week full results