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Enter for Burton Week at Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Club

Sunday 18 Aug 2024 to Wednesday 21 Aug 2024

We would like to publish the names & boat details of entrants on the Burton Week Web Site. Please indicate whether you consent to this

Photography and video filming may take place during this event which may be placed in the public domain by the National Twelve Owners' Association or Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Club for publicity purposes. Please select to indicate whether you agree to this.

Subsidiary trophies

The following subsidiary trophies will be awarded to qualifying helms/crews with the lowest 'fleet score' in each subsidiary trophy, based on the Yachting World Silver National Points Trophy racing. (Each individual race for each trophy will be scored 1, 2, 3 etc. based on the boat's fleet position in each Y W Silver National points race). NOR 13 still applies.

Please check the Notice of Race for the current qualification for these trophies.

I wish to enter for the following subsidiary trophies

Open to the helm of any boat that does not use a wing foiled rudder during the whole of the event

Open to the helm of any boat conforming to the decking and buoyancy rules pre 1st January 1996 (i.e. not a self-draining boat) and not using a wing foiled rudder during the whole of the event

Open to the helm of any wooden boat of clinker construction, built prior to 1975 (Vintage boats) and wooden clinker boats subsequently built to designs issued before that year and not using a wing foiled rudder during the whole of the event

Open to helms 21 or under for the duration of the event

Open to helms that have never helmed at a Burton Week before.

Open to helms who are over age 21, but under 40 years of age, for the duration of the event.

Open to helms who are over 55 years of age for the duration of the event.

Open to helms who have built their boats throughout for their own use.

Open to married couples and awarded to the leading finisher in the Sir William Burton Cup Race.

Awarded to the first crew new to Burton Week.

Open to those helms that have helmed in the two previous Burton Weeks, who have (as helms) never received a Silver National points prize, nor finished in the first six in any Burton Week points race, and have not won the Joe Yorke Trophy before.

Open to helms where the weight of helm and crew together is not less than 21 stone. Weighing for this trophy will be undertaken by an official appointed for the purpose who shall be the sole arbiter of eligibility. Competitors shall be weighed in swimwear with no shoes.

All the trophies to be held by the winner until the following Championships.


Whole event entry

Individual day entry

(Limited to 2 days)

* Open to helms aged under 21 for the duration of the event.

Early entry discount ends: Sun 14 Jul 2024

Late Entry surcharge starts: Sun 18 Aug 2024

Entries for the whole event include 2 BBQ tickets.


Adult dinner tickets: £25.00

Child dinner tickets: £10.00 Children's meals for Under 12's.

Emergency contact details & voluntary medical details

This information is entirely voluntary and will only be used in the event of an emergency.



Medical details

A Voluntary Medical Declaration is available if either the helm or crew wish to make the organisers of the event aware of any medical condition, in case of an emergency


  1. I agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing and the Bye-laws of Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Club in particular I have read Paragraphs 17, 18 and 20 of the Notice of Race.
  2. I understand that if the boat is in the charge of any person other than the undersigned, it is the responsibility of the undersigned to bring to the attention of the person in charge their responsibilities listed in the provision of this entry, the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions.
  3. I understand RRS Fundamental Rule 3: The responsibility for a boat's decision to participate in a race or to continue racing.
  4. I declare that during the event I will hold a valid and current third party insurance cover of at least £3 million.
  5. I declare that I hold a valid measurement certificate with a current signed buoyancy endorsement for the above boat. I agree to keep Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Club and its officers indemnified against all or any third party claims that may arise in connection with my boat and/or the users thereof.
  6. I understand that the details I provide on this form will be used by the National Twelve Owners' Association and Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Club for the organization of this event. Please note that a full set of results and details of prize winners are retained by the Association for archive purposes.
  7. PARENTAL CONSENT: If either the helm or crew is under 18 years of age the Parental Consent Form must be completed by the parent/guardian to accept the conditions and that the race organizers are not responsible at any time when the above named sails, and the sole responsibility for such yacht is that of the parent/guardian.

Summary & Payment

Entry summary

Total payment

Booking reference:

You can pay by cheque or bank transfer quoting the booking reference above. Please send your payment by cheque or bank transfer within the next 3 days


If you are entering for the event during the week prior to the start of the event, please make your bank transfer payment at the time of your entry.

Cheques to be made payable to ’National Twelve Owners Association’ sent to Mrs J Bloor, Hon Secretary, 52d Shaw Lane, Holbrook, Derbys. DE56 0TG. These must be received by the NTOA Hon Secretary before before Thursday 15th August 2024, or after that at Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Club Please include contact details, and quote the booking reference or boat number.

For bank transfer please use the following:

Account name: National Twelve Owners Association
Account No: 00163077
Sort Code: 30-95-21
Bank: Lloyds Bank
Ref: Please quote your boat number as the payment reference