Author Topic: Order Of Rig Set Up?! Mast Bend?!  (Read 576 times)


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Order Of Rig Set Up?! Mast Bend?!
« on: May 27, 2017, 02:55:10 PM »
Hi everyone,

Im new to the class and need a bit of help setting up my 12 for the first time (n3510 Feeling Foolish).
Ive got the mast up but am yet to work out how to get mast bend, rake and jib tension all set correctly.
Looking through the forum and the getting started page, on the website, I have found the appropriate numbers and settings for which I should be setting the boat up.
My set up consists of adjustable lowers and shrouds, no mast ram or chocks. What should be the order in which the boat is set up?

A) jib hayard, lowers, shrouds?
B) lowers, shrouds, jib halyard?
C) shrouds, jib halyard, lowers?
D) Other?

I have tried hoisting the job and setting the desired halyard tension, tightening the shrouds and then the lowers but then i find that the mast will be sitting too far forward or aft and that the tension of the halyard has changed.
I also cant seem to get any mast bend, i have a carbon mast and have the spreads set at about 85mm as per the stevie sallis setting on
Ive only tried with the jib hoisted and not the mainsail, will i get more bend once i hoist the mainsail?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Ben  :D


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Re: Order Of Rig Set Up?! Mast Bend?!
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2017, 10:58:35 AM »
Hi Ben,

When put together it was a case of attach shrouds, pull jib up - there should be marks on the mast showing positions - and then tension the shrouds. Lowers were last.

When I fitted the boat out the shrouds were connected and it was a coarse tension on the front of the plate case with fine tuning coming out of the side of the case. the lowers were connected too, I am assuming that this is still the situation?

The lowers supported the mast hence no ram or chocks are needed.

The rig was designed allowing for full rake upwind and for the mast to go right forward when running.

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