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Title: Pre-War N12 on eBay
Post by: edwillett on 21 Mar 2014, 11:25
eBay item number 201054283074. Located in Dartmouth.Text and pics from ad. i have asked seller if there is a name or number...

Here we have a boat I dragged out of the bushes many years ago in the misguided belief that it was still within my abilities to save it.
I was told at the time that this was a pre 2nd world war National Twelve dinghy built by a yard in Exmouth. (These are the only details I have) The Date of 1900 was added only due to EBAY requirements
There is no rig and there is no trailer with this auction, she comes as the hull only with the few loose wooden fittings as shown seperatley and some attached bronze fittings.
There is nothing more to say really, my partner considering turning it into a planter, and have had an offer to turn her into bookshelves or a garden seat. But I would rather not.
Collection only and payment of cash on auction end/collection and to be removed off site within 7 days of auction end.
Title: Re: Pre-War N12 on eBay
Post by: angus on 21 Mar 2014, 09:43
There has been some dicusion on the CVRDA web site as to wether this is a Barnet green or not. I have only see photos and am not sure. Perhaps somebody with intimate knowledge of  a Barnet Green  can answer. Its proximity to a lot of fire wood is rather worrying!
Title: Re: Pre-War N12 on eBay
Post by: edwillett on 22 Mar 2014, 08:25
Not a Barnt Green OD if built by an Exmouth yard. That would make it an early Stone or Rowsell built boat. The shape is fascinating a real "flat iron" first reaction on  seeing the pictures was that she looked very "Wrath"-like...N323....but having now checked she seems wider and flatter at the transom.
Title: Re: Pre-War N12 on eBay
Post by: STU W on 22 Mar 2014, 01:59
Was Rowsell going pre WW2,