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Title: News Letter
Post by: STU W on 29 Mar 2015, 11:27
Just received it. Haven't read it but glanced through it. You guys have done us proud.
Title: Re: News Letter
Post by: Neal on 29 Mar 2015, 08:54
Great work all.
Title: Re: News Letter
Post by: 3513SL on 29 Mar 2015, 09:28
Very good to read, highly informative. Brilliant contributions and great work to all involved.
Title: Re: News Letter
Post by: smilie on 29 Mar 2015, 09:35
It perfect accompaniment with post work cuppa and bit of toast. Good work to all who made it happen :)
Title: Re: News Letter
Post by: paul turner on 30 Mar 2015, 07:49
Well done Ed and contributors - excellent job.
Read it cover to cover last night - much more fun than doing last minute tax returns!
Jokes too!
Px :)
Title: Re: News Letter
Post by: grazz on 03 Feb 2015, 07:43
The National Twelve Owners Association Re-Introduces the Class Newsletter.

The first edition of the Class Newsletter was actually published some 52 years ago in July 1962! Looking back at issue #1 it is interesting to reflect on its opening sentence…”We never know what is going on in the 12 Foot Class…” and “so we hope to send out some news three or four times a year”! Amen to that!

The Newsletter was then published in A5 format for the next 46 years with two issues a year until 1994, and then a single annual issue until #78 which was published in January 2008, when it quietly ceased publication…as at the time the NTOA had moved into the digital era and created “The Latest Chapter” - a monthly electronic newsletter that was emailed to those on the N12 e-mail list, and which continues to this day as time and copy has demanded.

So, at the time of writing the Class has been without a paper Newsletter/magazine for some seven years and following a review by the NTOA Committee it was decided to re-introduce the Newsletter for members of the NTOA with the production of this, the 79th edition!

This new edition is 40 pages long in a full colour B5 format comprising articles on the latest designs and restorations of older boats, reviews of the various events from the National Championships and Gul sponsored Travellers series through to the Vintage Travellers series and its own Championship and almost all aspects of the Class in between!

The Newsletter is being sent in good faith to all Full and Associate members of the NTOA who were paid up members for 2014. If you’d like a copy then please join the NTOA via the website (

Members of the NTOA also receive the Annual Yearbook which was first published in 1950 and which maintains a record of trophy winners and dinghies built, and the comprehensive Association Handbook which was first published in 1972 with the current sixth edition having been printed in 2010. The comprehensively illustrated 262 page Handbook contains a detailed History of the Class, a record of all National 12 dinghies ever built together with a record of all Trophies and winners since award, many going back to 1936!

Ed Willett