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Title: N3330 Baloo
Post by: National 12 Webmaster on 27 May 2008, 06:32
The life of N3330 Baloo.   Design: Crusader 88, designed by: Phil Morrison in 1988
Previous boat names: Phantom Knight, Phlapp, Pipperoo.
Title: Re: N3330 Pipperoo
Post by: chrishampe on 23 Jul 2009, 07:38
2001 Saltash town regatta
Boat was owned by Nathan Harding
Title: Re: N3330 Pipperoo
Post by: Duncan3330 on 28 Mar 2010, 06:46
Pipperoo has a new home, i'm looking to replace rotten trolley from a Wayfarer supplied with boat,re-proof cover & generally revitalise her ready to introduce my seven year-old to the joys of sailing.
Title: Re: N3330 Baloo
Post by: TimHamp on 24 May 2020, 10:09
Baloo was a belated 40th present to get me back into sailing and do what my father did - teach my children to sail and spend time with them without any distractions. 8 years latter and I have two children who can helm and crew in any weather and are not afraid of capsizing. And still speak to their Dad. My sailing has improved and I have loved owning and keeping a gorgeous smooth hulled wooden boat. Things change and I now have Carbonara, double bottom and composite, easier maintenance and a new sailing challenge for my more experienced crews.

Emma and Christopher are going to miss Baloo but her new owner, Ben Ward, is starting the same journey and will be teaching his two children to sail at North Hykeham sailing club.