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 A Rookies View of Burton Week 1998

Early August saw a veritable armada of boats leaving Salcombe for the long trek East to Weymouth! 11 Salcombe boats were joining our visitors, swoping the pleasures of Smalls for Castle Cove seemed to some to be a bit of a busmans holiday – there were holes to fall in, the same smell of Coconut Oil, semi-clad bodies to trip over, and horror of horror you could hardly move for Twelves, they were every where you looked! To a Burton newcomer, there was a sinking feeling – and we hadn't got near the water yet! However familiar faces were every where and we were soon made to feel at home. At the briefing Anthony explained patiently what a gate start was, Frank Newton had the girls swooning, and we had the first attempt at drinking the bar dry, I began to wonder why it had taken me so many years to get to the Champs!

I remembered the next morning with that long sail out to the racecourse. Why oh why did that tanker crew choose Weymouth to mutiny in? The first race was great; getting to the windward mark about two-thirds up the fleet was an amazing sight – a wall of sails behind doing its best to blanket us from the wind! As the race settled down, familiar boats appeared around us, and the battle of the week began - could we beat the Moore's? It was amazing that in a fleet of 77 boats all week we consistently were crossing tacks with both David and Gill! Club form to the fore and David came out on top, however the results show we all were relatively consistent! The highlight of the week was Race 4, it seemed only fair that a Weymouth born lad should win the Borough of Weymouth trophy in Weymouth! Well done Chris and John!

All too soon the week was over, and it was time to pack up, reflect on the merits of Weymouth Bay over Portland Harbour and join the Holiday traffic going West. With a successful sortie away from Salcombe under our belts would we do it again? You bet!

John Murrell N3396 / 3435 / 3444 – yes I have a veritable armada of Twelves!

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