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Peter Lockwood N2744

I went to the Nationals again this year not with my beloved N261, but with a 'new' plastic boat N2744 a Paper Dart 36 years younger than my other twelve! but still 24 years old. After such a quantum leap through twelve technology you can imagine I was somewhat surprised to find I was the oldest boat at the champs yet again. Those that do not know me might be wondering what kind of a silly old one I am to continue to attend Burton Week with old boats and no chance of winning (I would not win in a new boat either).

For me it is not about winning. I go with the honest intentions of having fun, fellowship, beer and sailing- I have a tremendous feeling of being welcome and of belonging to an association; it is a great week and more should try it, yes even in old boats! Inspite of my age or because of it (and the beer) I was involved in bar sports, which are as hard fought as the sailing, and in which I was more successful! I talked about boat tuning, saiIing techniques, drank heartily went to the disco without a partner (and left without wife may read this!), I sailed in beautiful waters and I thoroughly enjoyed myself ..why don't more of you come?

Old boats still sail well and beat some of their newer rivals, in the practise race I was at the weather mark with Tom Stewart! in lighter conditions it seemed I was not the slowest boat. Simply, it all makes for a Iot of fun and I hope to be at Weymouth '98 and I would like to see more likeminded no hopers turn up tool .

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