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Title: Help rigging 3110
Post by: Timbmx5 on November 22, 2017, 05:56:09 PM
Hi Folks

I知 a newbie based in Merstham Surrey. I have just got my hands on my first National 12, Cerabus 3110 is a 1980 Tigress that has been a little neglected that last few years.
I need to give the decks a sand and revarnish but was hoping there would be someone fairly local who could give me some pointers on how to rig correctly and a base setup to work from?

Any help would be great fully received and I always have tea/coffee and biscuits in the workshop if anyone is nearby!

Thanks in advance
Title: Re: Help rigging 3110
Post by: John M on November 25, 2017, 08:06:14 AM
Hi Tim

Congratulations on your purchase.  I remember sailing against this boat 20 years ago!

This link might be helpful to get you thinking about things.

We are based in High Wycombe and have a Design 8 3320 which has a nice simple set up that you could come and have a look at if you want. 

To do things remotely, take a few photos of what the inside looks like and we can probably advise on quite a lot of things that way.

Title: Re: Help rigging 3110
Post by: Timbmx5 on November 25, 2017, 11:49:51 PM
Hi John

Thanks for the reply and offer of a visit to look over 3320 for some pointers. I would definitely like to take you up on that at some point soon.
I知 hoping I致e put the link in here properly and you can see the image to give you an idea what I知 working with?

Kind regards
Title: Re: Help rigging 3110
Post by: John M on November 26, 2017, 02:00:57 PM
Oh dear, she is in a bit of a mess...

working from the top of the picture down the starboard side...

The rope coming through the deck is a barber hauler.  the jib sheet passes through the ring and this allows the sheet to be trimmed more outboard.  Most people have dispensed with these in favour of a dangly pole.

The next cleat is for the barber hauler.  The cleat controls the line on the other side of the boat.

The next fittings are for the shrouds.  There is a 2:1 purchase above the deck.  It is unclear where the shroud control line then goes to cleat.  I suspect it goes via a multi purchase system to the base of the mast and finally around a turning block to a cleat.  The cleat is probably the one next to the centreboard.

The next item is a through deck bush.  This might be part of a lower shrounds system?

The next item is a through deck block to a cleat.  This is for the jib sheet.

Now moving to the back of the thwart.

There are four cleats.  One will definitely be the kicker and I suspect also the cunningham, outhall and mast ram.  These will all be led back from the base of the mast via the blocks underneath the thwart on the side of the centreboard case.

In the mast gate you can see the mast ram tackle

The kicker looks to be a lever system.  It is to the right of the centreboard.

Hope this is helpful.  It looks like you have got some serious woodwork to do before you do the fit out.


Title: Re: Help rigging 3110
Post by: gbr1918 on November 27, 2017, 12:30:36 PM
Would it have lowers AND a mast ram?  I thought they did pretty well the same thing.  Dave
PS Looks like a super boat!  I bet it'll be a ton of fun to sail!
Title: Re: Help rigging 3110
Post by: Timbmx5 on November 27, 2017, 10:47:41 PM
Thanks John

That actually made some sense! I値l be taking more extensive pictures before I strip all the fixtures of and get stuck into the deck refurb.
I think there was a dangly pole in with the kit I got wit the boat, I値l have to inventory a little better and will also get pictures!

Dave I知 not sure about lowers and mast ram but will do some further research. I am tempted to put everything together before the strip down to try to form a picture in my head of how it all works together. I hope she does turn out to be a fun boat!