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Title: Clubs on South Coast
Post by: James McC (Guest) on 25 Apr 2005, 08:18
Hi everyone,

Thanks for the advice on trailers - hunting round on e-bay to see if any come up...  Also thanks to the other thread regarding covers - just measured up for a P&B cover which I will be ordering tomorrow.

Picked up my new (old) 12 on Saturday (N2699 known to date as "Two Crewed") and managed to get it back from Bath to Brighton without hitch.  Can't wait to get her out on the water - just need to thoroughly check out setting up and replace some of the older looking ropes!

Now my next question:  Where should I sail my 12?  I am based in Brighton and there appear to be several clubs in the immediate area (Brighton, Shoreham, Lancing, Worthing), but I don't know whether any 12's race at them.  Where can I find some fellow 12 owners to chat to and race against within striking distance of Brighton?  Chichester area perhaps?

One other thing if anyone has a similar vintage boat - the foot of the mast locates on a track type arrangement, and the mast comes up through a gated opening in the foredeck.  There appears to be nothing locating the mast fore-and-aft in this opening (about 6 inches deep) - should there be or do the shrouds and jib luff tension do the job?

Any suggestions on both counts gratefully received!

Title: Re: Clubs on South Coast
Post by: Ken Goddard (Guest) on 25 Apr 2005, 10:29
yes, you should have something above or below the slot to control mast bend; somebody wiser than me can recommend the best arrangement. However you ought also to have some sort of gate at the rear end of the slot to prevent the mast falling backwards on to the crew if the jib luff wire breaks! I have had such failures!
Ken Goddard
N.2300 Duodecimal
Title: Re: Clubs on South Coast
Post by: DavidW on 25 Apr 2005, 11:15
Take a look further down the discussion board - "secret weapon required" - you could do well to look at Bosham.
The quick and easy way to control mast bend at deck level is to drop a few T shaped wooden chocks in the mast gate in front of the mast. More bend = less power - experiment with varying numbers of chocks and see how you get on. More readiy adjustable systems are available with muscle boxes, rams etc. but chocks are the cheapest way by far.

Welcome to the class - enjoy your sailing, and don't be put off if you fin your new aquisition a little tipier than expected. 12s take a bit of getting used to but ultimately reward your efforts and perseverence  like nothing else!


Title: Re: Clubs on South Coast
Post by: DavidW on 25 Apr 2005, 11:16
Crickey - that looks more like a mirror number  - should read 3481, I mst be tired!
Title: Re: Clubs on South Coast
Post by: Geoff & Amelia on 26 Apr 2005, 07:59

We live in Shoreham-by-sea and own two N12s which we have sailed at Shoreham SC in the past. We decided to leave as there were no other N12s - great to hear of another coming back down south.
We are regular sailors and do many of the open meetings with varying amounts of success - if you need any help give us a call.
When you decide where to join give us call we might join too. Our tel number is in the N12 association handbook or drop us an email to chat.

Enjoy saiiling,

Geoff and Amelia
Title: Re: Clubs on South Coast
Post by: James McC (Guest) on 26 Apr 2005, 12:59
Thanks for the ideas - I had seen the Bosham club mentioned in the other post.  Sounds like the best place within a reasonable distance.  Are any members currently sailing there or planning to sail there?

I have a gate across the mast opening but no chocks - I will make a few up (presume a bit of ply cut to shape would do it?).  Thanks for the advice.

Also, Geoff and Amelia - if you are about some time I wouldn't mind taking a look at your boats and picking up any hints or tips you may have.  I work in Shoreham, so if you are about some time let me know.  Will be checking this message board fairly regularly.


Title: Re: Clubs on South Coast
Post by: DavidW on 26 Apr 2005, 11:01

Yes, a few bits of ply should do the job nicely - you'll just have to play around to get the right number of pieces - when it gets really windy take a chock or two out.