Spinnaker Sailing Club



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Spinnaker Club is situated near the edge of the New Forest on Blashford Lake, just north of Ringwood (Google Map). We have a wide variety of Twelve’s, including some of the latest designs and some interesting historic boats, including a Paradigm 2, two Numinous’, a couple of Feeling Foolish, a Final Chapter or two, the very first double bottom boat Wild Front Ear, a Freak Out, the original Cheshire Cat, a Design 8, a couple of Crusaders, a Baggy Trousers, a Mk10 and a Mk9 to name but a few. The club operates the N12 Owners Association handicap system to ensure that all Twelve’s can be competitive regardless of age.

With a large and enthusiastic National Twelve fleet, we have club racing taking place on the 60 acre lake on Sundays throughout the year and on Wednesday evenings from April to September. We are host to a Thames Area open meeting annually and have a number of Twelve coaching days, youth events and social events throughout the year.

Spinnaker has a very strong youth contingent amongst the Twelves, the responsive and lively characteristics of the Twelve now finding huge favour with those that have outgrown Oppies and Toppers. We have a number of helm and crew combinations now buying boats having crewed for parents. 

N12 club

To find out more about the club visit our web site www.spinnakerclub.co.uk which includes directions to find us, or alternatively contact Ian Stables, the Spinnaker Club N12 Class Captain, at N12s@spinnakerclub.co.uk