Scaling Dam Sailing Club

Scaling Dam
North Yorkshire
TS13 4TP

01287 643026 - N.B. This will only be answered when the clubhouse is open

Scaling Dam is situated approximately half way between Whitby and Guisborough on the A171 Moor Road. The reservoir is owned by Northumbrian Water Ltd. who lease the sailing rights to Scaling Dam Sailing Club. From its inception in 1971 Scaling Dam S.C. has been a thriving dinghy sailing club which has attracted families learning to sail in safety. The Club celebrated 25 years of sailing at Scaling in July 1996. Besides general cruising, regular competitive racing also occurs with participants ranging from novice sailors to those at international level.

The first National 12 started sailing at the club in 2002. We are now up to a fleet of 3, hopefully with a 4th soon to be added. Designs currently being sailed include Crusader, Big Issue and Tigress. The 12s race in the fast handicap fleet on Wednesday evening and sunday afternoons and enjoy competitive racing against other classes such as RS200s, Albcores, GP14s, Lasers, etc. The link to the club’s website will help provide other information about SDCS, including location maps, diagram of the sailing area and membership information.

For further information please contact: Mark Simpson, tel 01642 784766