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Jo Richards, who thought of the idea of the one planker, made several reasoned assumptions about the rules, namely that the veneers count as planks and that a plank need not run the whole length of the boat (Subversion being a precedent). The Technical Committee decided his interpretation should go to the R.Y.A. and all indications are that they will decide against the veneers being planks. However, the boats already built using this interpretation can be altered by the careful application of extra veneers or plastic padding.

As the one plank hull has not proved any faster than the conventional hull and is quicker to build, lighter in construction and no more expensive than a conventional hull, more thought should be given to the concept. Nearly everyone who has seen it agrees how pretty it is.

 Howard Steavenson and Gerrard Waller in the one planker at the recent Pitsford open rneeting.
(photo-Dave Eberlin)

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