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If you've just made the purchase then welcome to the class. There's now a whole load of stuff available to you from the Association to help you settle in to the boat and also join the activities. Look at the My Profile page for more and join the:


Members resources

Technical information, building guides and publicity

As an Association member you get access to all the members information on the website. This includes enlightening articles from the annual newsletters.

There is a selection of guides covering; the basics of sailing your 12, setting up your boat. There are also technical guides covering the rules and measurement. And if you are interested in building there are packs on all aspects.

To help you promote 12s at your club we have some publicity and event organisation guides.


Promoting 12s at your club
LinkPromoting 12s at your club
LinkTips on organising an event
LinkPosters and publicity materials

Past newsletters
LinkNewsletters dating back to 1968
Sailing Guides
PDF12 sailing technique guide
PDFHow to set up your 12

Technical Stuff
PDFThe class rules
LinkHandicaps for different ages of 12s
PDFMeasurer's Manual - how to check your 12

Amateur Building
PDFIntroduction to amateur building
PDFBuilding in foam sandwich
PDFBuilding a boom & foils
PDFBuilding in wood

Membership benefits
Membership benefits

N12 magazines

Access to the newsletter archive

N12 handbook, hundreds of pages of the history of the class

Fixtures list

Support the class to organise events & promote the Class.

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Find out more

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