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The life of N423.

At one time, May 2003, part of the ISCA Collection, International Sailing Craft Association.
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Re: N423
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Contribution from Ken Goddard
N.423 "Jeanetta" was one of the 8 or 9 National Twelves which were in the collection of ISCA - the International Sailing Craft Association.
When the collection was broken up about two years ago, Andrew Dawson, on behalf of ISCA managed to find homes for all but one of the boats, the one remaining being N.423. It may still be 'stored' in ISCA's polytunnel.
I have a slight interest in this boat as she appeared in the 12-strong fleet of Twelves at the 1961 Teignmouth Regatta, in which I competed (with N.718) and I believe that she had spent all her life in that area. Possibly she was a Morgan Giles design. Rather embarrasingly, in the Friday evening race within Teignmouth harbour, she was one of only 3 boats which knew where to sail against the fast-flowing ebb tide, and finished. The rest of us had to retire!
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Re: N423
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